Audi ATF Filler Tube

These are pictures from my 1994 Audi 100S FWD. It came with the ATF filler tube. I am not sure what models can be retrofitted to used this tube, so if you mail me, I will place them here for the others. John G. at West Broad WV Audi was kind enough to provide me with part #'s and prices. He has these parts in stock at 1-800-817-2899

The ATF filler tube is the red cap in the center

#018-321-431-K $13.50.

The filler tube entry into the transmission pan.

Lower Tube #01F-321-405 $42.00

Shot of the filler tube looking up through the engine compartment. This tube makes a 15 degree bend in the center of the picture. There are a total of two bends in the tube.

Upper Tube #01F321-406-A $17.00

Long shot of the dipstick. Dipstick identification "02". Part No. 01F 321 431 A
End of the dipstick. There is a cold fill line barely visiable at the 1 CM mark. The minimum line is at 3cm and the max line is at 7cm
Top of the dipstick
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