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In Defense of Project: Exile

Project Exile is a program supported by the National Rifle Association that provides funding for law enforcement with the purpose of enforcing existing guns law. The pilot program currently under way in Richmond, VA has shown a 55% reduction in the crime rate in the past year. It consists of two main principles:

  • It mandates a 5 year prison sentence without possibility of probation or parole for felons caught in possession of a firearm.
  • It mandates a 15 year prison sentence without possibility of probation or parole for felons caught in possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.
In addition, many other handgun crimes traditionally not enforced are prosecuted to the extent of the law.

Recently, Project Exile has been under fire by many traditionally pro-NRA groups and gun owners alike. Their position is that since they don’t agree with the current gun laws, then they should not be enforced under any circumstances. Many of these laws deal with the “assault weapons” ban, which has proven to be ineffective in stopping gun related deaths.

To make their positions heard, they have decided to reject Project Exile in favor of repealing all politically motivated guns laws. This is counterproductive to their cause. The NRA has chosen the best path to achieve our common goal, the reduction in violent crime. They are using politics to their advantage. If you support the right to bear arms, you should support the NRA and Project Exile as well for the following reasons.

The NRA is one of the most politically influential organizations in America. They are a voice for gun owners and they know how to work the system Maybe it does not support your views completely, but they generally work to support the 2nd amendment. Remember that every long journey begins with a single step.

By not supporting the NRA position on enforcing current gun laws, you are in fact supporting lawlessness. Maybe that isn’t your intention, but I guarantee the media will see it that way. The gun grabbing soccer moms will see you and it will further reinforce their already biased views. The result will be that the NRA doesn’t have your support, you look like an extremist and our cause is not furthered.

The NRA has really taken a beating during the Clinton administration. The gun control groups are more organized in recent years than they have been in recent history. Pro gun organizations have are vilified in the press and issues receive a spin generated by Handgun Control, Inc. We really need a victory, something that shows that we know what we are talking about. Project Exile works. The statistics show that violent crime has dropped significantly since the project began. This is a foundation to build upon.

Many handgun control organizations support Project Exile as do the governments involved. This is very important. The passage of laws allowing concealed weapons have shown results similar to Project Exile, HOWEVER, HCI has fought these efforts. Because of this, you have not seen the positive results in the mainstream media. If they are on our side with regard to an issue, they will not be so quick to sweep the results under the rug.

If Project Exile is a resounding success, then even the media can’t ignore it. This has already begun. Several other cities have embraced the Project Exile approach and are currently in the process of implementing it. People will see that the NRA supports a program that works to protect people, not arm criminals. HCI may still be able to argue with this, but they will not be effective. The NRA could seize the upper hand in the gun control debate. Once this happens, the current gun paranoia will may subside to the point where laws can be changed.

I believe that many of the current laws are ridiculous, however they are the law of the land. As a good citizen I support the government by following these laws, even if I don’t happen to agree with them. And if I don’t agree with the government, I follow the path of my forefathers and vote the bums out. The NRA is my advocate and Project Exile is their tool for change.


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