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Abot - This first link I have to a QuakeWorld Bot. It's a client side QW Rocket Arena aim bot.

The Terminator - Aptly named Client/Server Bot created by the author of the Unofficial Quake Specs. This guy knows what he's doing. Be afraid..... be very afraid.

The MikeBot Project - Client bot running on AIX for you UNIX types. "Give him to Mikey, he'll eat anything" >:)

The Playmate Project - Excellent work by fellow botsmiths in Clan Ęsir. Possibly one of the first Client Bots that existed. I look forward to stomping their ass!!!!

Clan Cthugtha - ZaphBot - Zaph's AI incorporated in the QuakeBot C/S core. Hurled rockets against me like a cyberdeamon. Nasty. Expect big things to happen here.

LoefBot - An enhanced proxy bot for making kibbles more efficiently. "Would you like gibs with that?"

Stanford Stoogebot Page - Looks to be a smokin' project. I want to get my hands on their code!

The Tinker's Tavern - Home of SeismoBot, a cool little statbot. Collects all the info of your Quake "session" for later examination.

LlamaBot Page - I hope one day to incorporate these features.....


Bot Information

Quake Technical Resources - This page is the end all for Quake information.

Unofficial DEM File Format Specifications - This incredible document explains the server information, fully. I think he is a id spy or an alien.

Quake Stomping Grounds - Has one of the first pages dedicated to DeathMatch Bots.

Lair of the QuakeBot - Discussion of high level issues in the development of Client Bots. Good information.

Quake BioBot Homepage - Genetic algorithms, Pack hunting, Symbiosis..... Some evil stuff. May offer solutions to navigation and other nasty problems.

Games AI Page - Cool page concerning game with extensible AI. They mentioned me, so I mention them.


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