Bot Friendly Servers

These are servers that are "Bot Friendly". They tolerate Bot testing and general AI insanity without kicking the offending Bot. This also assumes that the Bot behaves somewhat tolerably (doesn't flood, etc.). If you are interested in having your server listed as a "Bot Friendly" server, email me and I will add you to the section. - T1 connected P-120 server with 96Megs! Teamplay is off, thank god, so the other players wont whine. Bots must refrain from random chatter.

Notice for Server Admins!!!!!

QuakeBot C/S is pretty stupid. It doesn't know anything more than basic DeathMatch play. Capture the flag and teamplay servers may be irritated by its behavior. If you are having trouble with people logging on and hampering gameplay, place a "No bots" message in the player initialization and you can autokick the Bot.

With V0.75, you can prevent a QuakeBot C/S client from even logging on. Simply change the "sv_gravity" variable on your server to an odd value. An example would be to change the gravity from the server default of 800 to 801. This only modifys the game parameters slightly and will prevent QuakeBot C/S from attempting a connection.

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