What is the iPad?

I’m watching all the Apple fanboys buzzing over the new iPad. General consensus seems to be that it’s underwhelming, but I think Apple may have found an interesting market niche. It’s not a computer and it not a competitor for the netbook segment. It’s a media/surf terminal. A little toy you piddle with while you’re watching TV to answer questions that pop up like “Who played Lumpy on leave it to beaver?” or “What else was that actor in?”. Or perhaps you look up the playoff scores and read your email. Just Plain Old Surfing. New acronym – JPOS ™- you heard it here first! :)

A lot of people use their laptops for this type of stuff (me included). But if you don’t have a laptop and you find your iPhone or Droid is a little inadequate for regular couch surfing, this would be a better replacement that a $$$ macbook. IMHO, a netbook is a better and more versatile option, but for an Apple person, it isn’t as desireable. As for mass market adoption, you might snag some ebook people and perhaps some that find it a sexier alternative to the eeePC. But I don’t see another iPod craze on the horizon.

My only question is ergonomics. What does it do to your wrists to balance that thing for a couple of hours? You can’t read it if you lay it down. And how do you use the keyboard on your lap? Time will tell.

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