The Conservative Argument FOR Same Sex Marriage

With California’s prop 8 being challenged, I thought I would outline an argument for conservatives that would support Same Sex Marriage. That’s right, I said supporting. For a conservative, there are actually good reasons that SSM should be accepted.

First, married couples live longer and healthier lives. Studies have show that people in stable relationships are happier and more content than their single counterparts. If you forget the fact that these individuals are of the same sex, approach it from a fiscal conservative side. You want people to prosper so that society doesn’t have to shell out cash for supporting or incarcerating them. In other words, SSM is cheaper than the alternative.

Second, removing freedom is not small government conservatism. Creating rules to enforce undesired criminal behaviors is justified. Doing the same to enforce moral codes is fascist (Think Mussolini). Enforcing morality is the purpose of Islamic Sharia law. If you think that Christian moral codes are somehow different than Islamic, think again. Both are Abrahamic religions and share the same origins. The reason their societies seem brutal is BECAUSE they enforce old testament beliefs.

Third, it doesn’t harm marriage. The argument that it leads to the individuals marrying animals or trees is ridiculous on it’s face. Marriage is a contract. Plants and animals cannot legally give consent to marriage, thus it can’t happen. Therefore, existing laws protect us from this possibility and no additional laws are needed.

The conservative case for SSM is quite strong. The opposition however, is rooted in the same tired religious arguments that opposed civil rights and women’s suffrage. We all know how those turned out.

10 thoughts on “The Conservative Argument FOR Same Sex Marriage

  1. For me it just comes down to personal liberty, procreation or not…I, as a gay man, should be able to marry my partner. It’s nobody else’s business. Period. This is America for God’s sake.

  2. A secular argument. Man decides what is or is not legal. God decides what is moral, but gives man the opportunity to partake in this decision. This is thoughtful article, and unfortunately, an example of why man is not God.

  3. It’s always been about respecting people for who they are. People everywhere want to find love, build a home and a family and share that life. Stop thinking gays are trying to make you do something or accept something or anything. Leave them alone to live their lives just like you want to be left alone. It’s that simple. Can’t those who oppose this see that?

    • Just listened to Terry Gross’s ieevrnitw (today) with the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, which tracks hate groups. A new report is available on line: Rage on the Right: A Year of Rage. . . (couldn’t get the whole title)which states a huge uptake in militia activity and acts of violence in the last year, coinciding with the election of Obama. Quite eye-opening about what is happening out there across the country. Also mentioned was a Harris poll out this week which tracks the beliefs of Republicans and shows them to be almost identitical to those of the TeaParty. A new Quinnipiac (sp)poll this week shows that 70% of Tea Partiers identify themselves as Republican. It is curious to me that the Tea Party, after holding their first convention and having a calvacade of extremists like Tom Tancreo, speak can still can be viewed by some in the media and many voters as just a benign quirky group who doesn’t want to pay taxes. They are shilling for the Republican party and vice versa, while each claims to be independent. And they both will continue to be bystanders while these violent acts occurred as long as they can disavow any involvement.

      • Christian marriage coeisulnng, I believe, has greater potential as an active ingredient in the healing process than any other type of therapy. Why? Because marriage between a man and woman is God’s plan so it only stands to reason that the repair procedures for an unhealthy marriage could be found in His word.My wife and I went through Christian marriage coeisulnng provided a trained, licensed, minister of the faith who was exceptionally gifted in using the Word of God to help couples in the reconciliation process. These are important credentials in choosing a counselor. What makes Christian marriage coeisulnng effective is the willingness of the couple to truly uncover, forgive, and die-to-self. It has to be understood that none of these things are within our human ability to accomplish alone. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to facilitate the type of radical change that must take place in one’s heart, deep down inside, in order for real change to take place. You’ll know it is happening when your focus is less on what your mate is doing than what you are doing in and with your relationship with God.Fifteen years later, my wife and I are stronger than ever. Has the road been free of bumps? No. But I have heard it said that if the mountain were as smooth as glass, you wouldn’t be able to climb it. We are still living in and by what we learned in Christian marriage coeisulnng. Our marriage is not about determination and resolve to make it work; its about the freedom to love one another and let the other be who they are with full faith and confidence that what holds us together is not our resolve, but trust and assurance in Jesus Christ that He is able to sustain us through any storm that might come our way.

  4. Conservatives who support the government interfering in private affairs of others can not call themselves truly conservative. I feel it is the ultimate hypocrisy in the GOP of today.

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