The Silence of the Blogosphere

I’ve noticed a disturbing development in Ubuntu. I’ve complained about the design changes instigated by the Ayatana UX team, particularly the recent change to place the windows controls on the left. But something more troubling is afoot. A thread on ubuntuforums is showing a 76% preference for the old control location. Given this significant percentage, you would expect some level of outcry on the Ubuntu Planet, the official blog aggregator for Ubuntu members. Until today, not a peep. Scott Ritchie, a heavily involved member fired the first volley. This is a little Orwellian. I’m getting really concerned about the UniqueVision(TM) of Ubuntu if they foster an environment that people don’t feel like that can speak their mind on what is a commercially driven community project. Mark Shuttleworth has stated that this is his vision and his baby, but Ubuntu would be nothing more that his idle hobby without community support. I’m wondering if this is related to free speech in the UK vs. the USA?

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