UI Design and Risk-Reward Behaviour

Mark Shuttleworth responded to criticism over the changes to the new Lucid window themes with allusion to the fact that new and neat things are coming that justify the change.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to step outside the envelope and try something new. But always remember that humans respond to risk-reward behavior. If you are going to force them to do something new or risky, there needs to be a reward equal to the risk otherwise the user wont adapt.

In the case of the latest design changes, the reward was promised after the fact, but not given. Thus, it is a massive design fail. Yes there were opinions provided and these can be ignored because of meritocracy rules. But good UI design needs to be based on fact. And the facts were not there to justify the change. This was pointed out. And hopefully completely understood.

2 thoughts on “UI Design and Risk-Reward Behaviour

  1. The best way to create the perfect user experience is to do usability testing targeted especially at the UI—whether with a special test group or by yourself. The more time you spend testing the user experience before releasing your application, the better. It will save you a lot of trouble later on.

    • For some months i cant understand, logo doesnt moving with changing pages. It can be very nice if logo will move right after each menu section, and background can be changed.

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